1/5’08 Ford Focus [GRP18]X
2/5Nissan Skyline 2000 Turbo RS (KDR30) [GRP19]
3/5Volkswagen Golf MK2 [GRP20]X
4/5’88 Honda CR-X [GRP21]X
5/5Scion FR-S [GRP22]X

Aleksandar Kozhuharov

I collect diecast models in scale 1:64 from 7-8 years of age. As I entered my teens, I began to restore old models and add them to my collection. Today in my collection there are both original models and many restored in scales 1:43, 1:60 and 1:64. This site is a digital catalog of a very small part of my collection as I have ambitions to introduce all my models in it.